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Caves releases single "Where I Wanna Be" through Red Brick Records

The band Caves

Caves new single 'Where I Wanna Be" is an anthem for anyone who doesn't know quite where they fit but know it's somewhere in between two worlds.

Josh McCabe describes writing the song, "I vividly remember writing this song with Austin Cannon and the gang, simply because I was feeling super frustrated that day. I had just traveled 12 hours or so to Nashville, after playing a country bar til 3am, and I was exhausted to say the least. As we were talking about the gig the night before, I expressed that I had a blast, but yet, it kind of felt weird in some ways. Growing up and playing music, it had always been within church or “Christian” settings, and I was starting to venture into other spots to share my songs. It wasn’t on purpose, or out of anything other than wanting to reach different people. I mentioned how I felt like most of my career could be defined as “too rough for church, and too church for the bars.” I kept saying how I felt caught in between this place of being someone of faith, yet connected to all this country music. And maybe, thats the perfect place for me to be. We started writing around that idea of being caught between “the stained glass windows and the wine stained floors.”

Request Caves single WhereI Wanna Be at your local country station.

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